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I hope you are all enjoying success both personally and professionally. We have just returned home from Tulum Mexico and due to the excellent service we experienced at our resort, I have been inspired to begin writing my news blog once again!

What’s New and Inspiring:

WOM – Women on The Move Event will take place on May 30th, read about it and register at http://www.womportunity.com. Also join our conversations at http://www.facebook.com/womportunity for upcoming Entrepreneur and Book Club Events.

COACHING – http://www.virginiamunden.com is evolving as your hottest newest resource for Real Estate, Business and Entrepreneurship Training Components in Canada, USA and International Destinations ( Ensure you have SKYPE ).

INMAN Agent Reboot is coming to town on April 9th – I will be speaking on the subject of Entrepreneurship ‘ Treppen in Business ‘ read about it and register at http://www.inman.com or http://www.agentreboot.com Review the line – up of Industry Expert Speakers who will also share in the day.

THE VOICE at REALTOR QUEST – we will be participating at Realtor Quest this year on May 7th and May 8th, so please stop by our booth for a chance to win some great prizes and hang out at our Social Media and Entrepreneurial Real Estate Bar.

SOCIALICIOUS is coming to you again for the 5th time on April 18th. A 3 Hour Power Session on the formula and latest trends to make your Social Media Strategy work for Business and why it is important to implement a Conversion Measurement Plan.

Working with some of the strongest Entrepreneurs and Brands in the Business to help them elevate to the next level is my passion. Why my program is relevant? I have currently worked within the Real Estate Landscape and for the past 21 years ( 30+ years as an Entrepreneur ) in the back end of one of Canada’s Top 100 Real Estate Teams ( at RE/MAX ). This has allowed me to create the most effective and efficient training programs, systems and strategies for agents, teams and leaders who want to execute with commitment and build a successful Real Estate Referral Empire.

To inquire, please connect at virginia@virginiamunden.com

Let’s connect soon, live, V2V ( voice to voice ) it would be my pleasure.


Virginia Munden


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There are many interesting character traits of a successful Entrepreneur in any business. One can find many of them as well as a few lessons to learn from the movie Wolf of Wall Street.

Despite the wild entertainment and sinful acts depicted in the movie, :) I dissected it from start to finish and gathered only the most effective strategies that many Entrepreneurs could use to build their brand and their business.

Here are the 25 character traits and mindsets of a successful Entrepreneur I would like to share with you:

#1 Be charismatic and passionate about your brand and business.

#2 Simplify and follow through with your vision.

#3 Create a loyal and very hardworking team.

#4 Encourage diverse mindsets, unique characters or brain strengths.

#5 Train through relevant core principals and a competent corporate charter.

#6 Do and Be your Business.

#7 Motivate with an authentic business culture.

#8 Provide contests and incentives.

#9 Lead by example, be involved.

#10 Inspire through results and improvements.

#11 Surround yourself with people of influence and not people of control.

#12 Delete negative mental energy, gossip or unwanted noise.

#13 Embrace change, innovation and seek current trends.

#14 Don’t worry about what the competition is doing.

#15 Investment over expense? Invest in your business.

#16 Engage with unique dialogues and professional communication strategies.

#17 Be happy to give back.

#18 Set standards of excellence.

#19 Build a reputation based on results and excellent service.

#20 Create an exciting and enticing company culture.

#21 Protect your secrets and guard your investment.

#22 Dress for success if you want to be taken seriously.

#23 Study the best who came before you.

#24 Be the new standard for EXCELLENCE

#25 Stay away from the ENTERTAINMENT, NOISE and CRAP of it all. That would be your only downfall and spiral to failure.

Now go be a WOLF and EXECUTE your COMMITMENTS.

Virginia Munden

Shift your Mindset and Elevate

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TREPPEN in BUSINESS. Are you an Entrepreneur?

TREPPEN – Shift your Mindset from Sales to Entrepreneurialship
January 23, 2014
To succeed as an Entrepreneur in the business world you must act, think and do what most others are afraid to do. Entrepreneurs are willing to do almost anything humanly possible to make a difference in the lives of others. Money does not motivate entrepreneurs; they are fuelled by a greater cause: PASSION. To elevate your mindset from thinking as a Salesperson to that of an Entrepreneur you must dismiss all vestiges of the corporate mentality – that 9 to 5 status and weekly pay or salaried job position – and create your own boundaries for business.
It all begins with shifting your mindset to purpose and intention; think like an ENTREPRENEUR and think like a BUSINESS.

First, you must surround yourself with people of influence and not people of control. Surround yourself with people who think as you do – well, not quite as you do. Surround yourself with the opposites in personalities, characters and dialogues and create a foundation of unique niche mindsets that will allow your business, idea, product or service to evolve.

The foundation of your business must also allow you to think of people first, before anything else your company or organization represents. Your true value proposition must answer the following two questions ‘Why do I do what I do?’ and ‘How will my product, service or business change people’s lives and make an impact on an industry.’ You must be driven to want to make an impact.

Many characteristics define people of influence, not only education, degrees, job status or titles. Character, vision, passion and care also define people of influence. The key question is ‘Do you care?’ Being an Entrepreneur in any business or industry will be determined by your initial ability to lead, to motivate, to serve, to inspire, to impact, and, most importantly, to care. Answer the following questions:

*Do you have what it takes?

*Are you willing to take the risk?

*Is Entrepreneurship in your DNA?

*Are you ready to change lives?

*Are you ready to take your business to another level?

*Do you have the passion to begin?

Mindset is a huge component of being a successful Entrepreneur or “Trep.” You must harness all your attributes, whether good or bad, and use them to create and produce good business fundamentals. These will then allow you to catapult forward, act, think, and do… while you always keep in mind that you are not just any Salesperson, you are an Entrepreneur.

Here are the top ten attributes of an Entrepreneurial Mindset:

Visionary – Entrepreneurs have an eye for unique opportunities. They see things often overlooked by others and they know exactly when, and, most importantly, why to commit to the vision. Entrepreneurs have a niche to communicate and create content for business, whether a product, service or person and they easily see a vision unfold before coming to fruition. Visionaries concentrate on the needs of people.

Passionate – Entrepreneurs have a deep passion for purpose and intention in all they do. They seek advice from no one as they pay close attention to clues that they harvest from within or that are directly in front of them. Entrepreneurs have an ability to pay close attention to their own mind, heart and soul. They are able to communicate why their product, service or business can help improve lives, save time and money while making a difference in their industry niche sectors. Having a passion to change or shift a mindset using the care element is important.

Tenacious – Entrepreneurs have extreme tenacity. They have a genuine desire to create an indestructible shift, a genuine belief that what they can offer people can change a world. They will not stop until the job is done, until the vision is complete and until it continues to evolve. They will research and surround themselves with listeners and doers, misfits and dreamers, with passion and vision. They enjoy the vibe of creation.

Fearless – Entrepreneurs have no fear. Fearing success is almost as essential as fearing failure. For Entrepreneurs, if they fail, the buzz to start over again is a thrill they enjoy most. To continue testing different strategies allows them to understand the entire movement and evolution of their brand, business, product or service.

Self-Confident – I know about the naysayers. I know and have many of them myself! However, one thing I can stress for holding on to your positive Entrepreneurial spirit is to have solid self-confidence. You can acquire that strong foundation for your business through current knowledge, well-rounded experience, consistent practice, and even failures and results. The ultimate conviction of true self-belief overpowers those who lack ambition or won’t take risks. Self Confidence is fearless and passionate.

Risk Taking – Entrepreneurs are often risk takers. Taking risks can happen on different levels; time, finances, people etc; these can all determine the drive or the journey of your business success. Risk Takers are the ones usually doing what others are not, are too afraid to do, thought to do but didn’t. The reasons why are simple: Treps often have a higher tolerance for risk than others do and they opt to think of success rather than failure. Entrepreneurs will continue to test the grain over and over until they achieve their committed goal.

Rule Breaking – Entrepreneurs follow no standard rules, mission statements or code of conduct books. Entrepreneurs set no boundaries and are willing to go to extremes to make an idea or business work. Using ideas that others may have thought of but have not tried can be a strategy with an outcome far greater in the end than ever anticipated. Breaking rules means making business work and Treps are extremely good at this. Treps are rebels with a cause. They want their product or service to change lives and sometimes the more authentic their strategy, the more successful the outcome. It is not difficult to recognize a Rule Breaker.

Adaptive – Entrepreneurs skilled at adapting to change and unique markets are best at succeeding at the highest levels. If there is a need, they find ways to make an idea, product or service work. They also first ensure it adapts to consumer lifestyles, by offering a unique and incomparable service or product. Adaptation is required from start to finish of any product or service, given that the final offering is usually very different from the original vision. Adaptation is transferred through evolution; in order to make a difference, it also becomes a revolution.

Disciplined – Entrepreneurs are a disciplined breed. They are disciplined to make a difference, disciplined to change lives, disciplined to change their industry without distractions, noise and people of control. To be disciplined entrepreneurs need to spend as much time alone in thought as they do in the middle of the chaos. The ideas and vision come to Treps very easily when they are in their disciplined moments of silence. When Entrepreneurs commit, they achieve.

Soft Ambition – Entrepreneurs have a special desire to make a difference in people’s lives. Deep passion fuels Treps to help people change their lives, as well as a need to pivot an industry to a level of excellence. Sometimes they do it quietly, often giving their clients or users the credit, the praise for using their products or services before thanking themselves. Entrepreneurs often give credit to their employees. The ambition to achieve excellence begins with the foundation of a company, the people who work from the bottom up. Without knowing one’s employees or one’s clients, there can be no vision and there definitely is no business.

Are you an Entrepreneur? If you feel it, it is in your DNA.

It is now time to catapult forward and make a difference in people’s lives. You will be richly rewarded.

Virginia Munden

Shift your Mindset and Elevate.

Tech Hiatus from Time Taken.

Take a TECH Hiatus, at least try it for an hour a day, a week, a month. :)

It’s time. Put it away. I mean really put it away. Time to disconnect, disengage and detox your valuable time that is being spent on the social space and time to make it impactful.

Here are some helpful tips how:

#1 Do not open your iPhone or Smartphone from your bed.
#2 Create a new Daily Schedule that begins with VOICE or FACETIME after your coffee is made.
#3 Only check email, text and messengers.
#4 Reply to important messages only.
#5 Plan one meeting each day at 10:00am sharp.
#6 Engage in Human interaction each day, plan to be where your clients are.
#7 Eliminate all noise.
#8 Keep iPhone or Smartphone inside your handbag or holder.

You may feel lonely and vulnerable for a while, ok, for a long while. However, you need to keep focus on a schedule that will keep you from looking at your phone 100+ times per day. This is where you are wasting valuable time. Time that could be spent doing business or building a business.

Stop be so social and start being entrepreneurial. Shift that mindset and the belief that you need to be on – line every second of the day…because you don’t. Stop falling into the trap, you are missing life.

Virginia Munden

Shift your Mindset and Elevate.

How to get $!#T done!

How to get $!#T done!

Having trouble getting anything done? Facebooking too much? Trying to figure out how to condense your 401 characters to 140? On your Take 5 of your Video Shoot? Making sure your Pinterest is pretty? Too busy taking selfies? Or perhaps you are #hashtagging too much?

You can continue believing you actively working & generating leads or you can put an end to the charade you are playing with yourself and others and really work on building your business.

Since the introduction of Social Media, posting and engagement is at its all time high. It may even be stopping you from achieving your daily, weekly and monthly commitments. Being actively engaged in your Social Space is also affecting your ability to stay on task and in focus. The interruptions are killing you, yes?

Social Media has actively taken place of active conversations that provide a V2V affect or a F2F relationship engagement. If you think you are getting ahead by being on the Social Space and engaging with others on – line, think again.

Technology and Social Media trick our brain into thinking we are being productive, when in fact we are not. Checking email, social media, texts, messengers, liking, commenting, posting, sharing are not considered work. Let’s face the facts here.

Perhaps it is time to take your on – line connections to the off – line space and begin to challenge your role as a business, get building, converting and executing.

The first quarter of 2014 is nearing an end, how productive was it for you? If you can’t answer it, perhaps commit to a different strategy.

Virginia Munden

Shift your Mindset and Elevate

Suck at To Do Lists?

Do you suck at TO DO LISTS?


Which is more effective? Picking up dry cleaning is not considered important for business, unless you need to pick up a suit for a high – end business meeting that can earn you some serious income.

To do lists should encompass 3 key strategies:

#1 Must be focused on your business
#2 Must be focused on a lead source
#3 Must be planned with a Conversion strategy

Let’s face the facts here, if these 3 strategies are not being met, then you are masking your TO DO LIST. Business is Business and during your 9 to 5 rituals, everything on your TO DO LIST should be focused on building your business, generating leads and executing deals. Conversion strategies are part of this TO DO LIST!

The interesting fact is TO DO LISTS can be broken, but COMMITMENT SCHEDULES can be measured. Try measuring this time around, and try not to carry over your incomplete work to the next day. That also does not work! You are just playing mind games with yourself. :)

Virginia Munden

Shift your Mindset and Elevate.


Social Media is not only about a content strategy it is about a conversion strategy.

While everyone is worrying about content ideas, content schedules, context delivery platforms and managing conversations on the social space, others are using it as a tool to genuinely communicate to create relationships. These relationships are opportunities to generate leads for business. Effectively connecting, creating and converting for business is for some the commitment of being on any social network platform. It is a good rule to have a separate page for your personal connections and one for your professional connections to distinguish for database purposes.

Genuine conversations and effective follow – up from the on-line space to off-line P2P ( People to People ) V2V ( Voice to Voice ) or H2H ( Human to Human ) is an important element that is guaranteed to give you the best ROTI ( Return In Time Invested ) as well as ROI ( Return on Investment ) As professionals working a Referral Empire, one must still do their due diligence and research people on the social space before Referrals are distributed. For clients, it is important to share in relevant dialogues that offer authenticity, competency and transparency.

Here are some questions to ponder:

#1 Why are people on the social space?
#2 What type of conversations lead to social and business engagement?
#3 How does one convert to business opportunities?
#4 Can social media engagement be measured to produce more effective results.
#5 Does social media count as a lead generation tool?

Social Media introduced the concept of Relationships as one of the benefits to being on Social Platforms. However, is it really 100% about the Relationship? Or is it about actively being a Challenger in your business and converting those golden opportunities?

In my professional opinion, the more you engage on the social space, the more you get sucked into the noise and lose the ability to focus on a clear and consistent path…your customers.


Create a Conversion Plan and Follow through with the right content, context and customers will come. You still need to convert the relationships to establish a connection for business.

Virginia Munden

Shift your Mindset and Elevate